Inslee clears Democratic field in Washington state

Isaac Wright, a veteran Democratic strategist and partner at the Forward Solution Strategy Group, said he expected even more candidates struggling to register in the presidential race to drop out and run for other offices instead. That, in turn might help some of the remaining candidates who hold executive office.

"I think more and more longshots are going to see good opportunities to go ahead and get out," Wright said. "It may actually help the bids of [Montana Gov. Steve] Bullock and [South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete] Buttigieg as the only other people with executive office credentials."

Wright added, "as the road gets narrower towards the nomination, the exits get more and more frequent, and we're going to see more and more folks taking advantage of them."

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Most Democrats Who Back Impeachment Inquiry Don’t Face Competitive Re-Election Fights

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Democratic strategist Isaac Wright said that members must balance their constituents’ concerns with the constitutional oversight responsibilities.

“‘They’re doing what they think is right for the country and right for their constituents, and sometimes that involves making tough choices,’ Mr. Wright said. ‘But I don’t think anybody can hold that against them.’”

King, Isaiah, and the Politics of Now

King, Isaiah, and the Politics of Now

“From Isaiah 1:17 (NIV): ‘Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.’ In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus echoed these virtues as the standard by which Believers will be judged — how we treat the poor, the oppressed, the disadvantaged, and the foreigner amongst us.”